Lenovo Gx30K 79402 Review

Lenovo Gx 30K 79402

Lenovo Gx 30K 79402  Wireless Mouse

With 3 months of continuous use, I think it will be nice to share my experience using Lenovo wireless mouse Gx30k79402. I am an experienced CAD user who depends on an external and wireless mouse to effectively manipulate CAD software on my workstation for the production of drawings. You will agree with me that working with the inbuilt mouse is not a thing of joy. This is always true when you have access tens of commands in a minutes. It is worthy of mention that this is my first experience with a Lenovo product. I previously chose a more popular brand, which let me down in terms of performance and durability.

The Lenovo mouse Gx 30k7490 comes in black and orange (the inner case color) which glows through the top cover. It also came with a voluminous user manual which I do not fancy. Included is an AA battery with a 12-month battery cycle. What attracted me to the mouse is its smart look, the oval-like shape which hugs my right palm perfectly. This is a basic mouse that comes with the custom three buttons. These are the left and right buttons and middle wheel which comes in handy when I am producing CAD drawing for zooming and panning commands.


The pros and Cons

The pros for this mouse is the soft and easy click that makes work feel effortless.  Another plus for this product is that it has a built-in impact protection. I realized this the first time the device fell from my desk to the floor. This happens a couple of times without any noticeable damage. After a fall you may experience the device splits into two or three (mouse, cover, and battery). Do not worry. You only need to couple it back and continue with your engagement. So, how about my dislike for this device?

The I don’t like about Lenovo Gx 30k7490 wireless mouse is that it doesn’t shut down at long idle. Therefore, a failure  to turn off the power button after work will have a negative effect on the battery life. According to the manual, the expected battery life is twelve months.  I barely use the battery for a month before  the need for  battery replacement.  As a result, Its is difficult to evaluate the actual battery life. I think this  Lenovo mouse can emulate other products which have auto shutdown feature during long idle so that consumers can maximize battery life. So far, this is my best mouse ever and I really enjoy working with it. My expectation is that Lenovo mouse Gx30k79402 exceeds the 12 months use which I have not experience with the previous mouse. I will keep you posted.

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