CAD Drawing Services For Manufacturing

The Global market for fake drugs. Statistics show that 15% of drugs in the Global market are fake. The Food and Drug Administration of USA in its assessment noted that 10% of drugs sold in the market are fake. The world health organization used to say that fake drug prevalence in developing countries is 10%, and that of the developed nation is 1%.

Sometimes we fall ill. And to take proper care of ourselves we are subjected to medical diagnosis and series of test which will eventually lead to a prescription of one form of medication or the other. So how would you feel if you are aware that 15% of the drug or medication you are about to take are fake? Sad, isn’t it?

While you and I know that I am not in a business of medicine, I am sure you don’t want to take a 0.1% risk or higher for hiring a freelancer that won’t deliver on the requested drafting services. I rather will want to believe that when you are making a decision, you want a 100% assurance that your job will be delivered according to your specifics. And more importantly, that work is delivered in the highest form of quality. This implies you will be willing to hire a freelance cad technician who has delivered time and time again. If that is what you are looking for, Inventwithcad has already assisted up to 49 clients to complete cad related services and will be glad to increase the numbers by offering more of quality services in the following categories;

1. Conversion of pdf, sketches, images to cad or vector format. This is applicable when making planning, presentation, manufacturing as seen in CNC milling/cutting and engraving. and house plan conversion from pdf to CAD

Examples of successfully completed jobs in this category include;

a. Conversion of hydraulic circuit from pdf to 2D cad drawing.

b. Conversion of of roof fifteen roof details to 2D CAD drawing.

c. Conversion of house from pdf to 2D CAD drawing.

d. Conversion of Coffee shop from pdf to 2D CAD drawing.

e. Tracing of Canada 5 great lakes for CNC cutting.

f. Tracing of an image file of five gears for CNC cutting.

g. Tracing of a wall mounted tree for CNC cutting.

h. Production of artwork for a fire pit for CNC cutting.

i. Tracing of world map for CNC cutting.

j. CNC cutting for the production wooden cabinet.

2. Conversion of pdf, sketches and images to 3D model: Application is seen in the production of .stl format for 3D printing, .obj for the gaming application, product design, CNC cutting, CNC milling production of step format for CNC milling and etc.

Some samples of work I completed in this category include;

a. 3D model of an old button for 3D printing.

b. 3D model of an expandable container gaming application.

c. 3D model of a bicycle phone holder.

d. 3D model of a toy racquet successfully manufactured from China (confirmed by client).

e. 3D model of 2 aluminum laptop stand to be sold at amazon

f. 3D model of a boat propeller to be CNC milled step format supplied to the client.

g. 3D model of an elbow and T pipe.

h. 3D model of 2 number PCB enclosures that is now in the market.

i. 3D model of 10 numbers bangles for a client.

j. 3D model of Spider man mask self challenge

k. 3D model of Jewelry, a self challenge.

3. Production of 3D realistic rendering for presentation and product design application etc.

a. Some of the items in section 2 (sketches conversion to 3D model ) were rendered for respective clients.

You will agree with me that seeing a job in my work history similar to what you are about to embark on, gives the assurance that your ideas can be successfully completed. Please send me an email at with respective work details and let’s get started.

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