CAD Drawing Services For Manufacturing

At Inventwithcad, we offer two categories of CAD drawing services. Namely;

(1) 3D CAD modelling and rendering.

(2) 2D CAD drawing.



CAD drawing
3D CAD Drawing model

The 3D CAD modelling services enable you to visualize your products or projects prior to manufacturing in x, y and z dimensions. It provides you with real life product form representation from every perspectives, materials and colors. More so, you will be able to use the produced files for manufacturing, marketing and presentation. Examples of the produced files include; .stl, .Obj, .Step. iges , pdf and dwg.

The following are samples of  3D  works I have undertaken


3 D model of a toddler placement.






CAD Drawings
2 D CAD Drawing Sample

The 2D drawing services support drawing in two dimensions x and y axis. With this services we  are able to deliver the following CAD formats; .dxf and .dwg file formats of your specific designs. These drawings could be used in laser cutting and engraving, presentation as well as technical drawings for manufacturing

Are you a professional manufacturer or an entrepreneur  in need of of the above mentioned CAD drawings ? Inventwithcad is  happy to support your designs with  our skills. We have successfully helped in 31 projects, we are easy to work with and we are ready to sign a Non disclosure Agreement if your project requires one. Also experience has shown that project of this nature often requires iterations or revisions. We provide you with  revisions at no extra cost and we make sure you are satisfied with your designs.